Friday, May 25, 2012

The Honeymoon: Paris - Our First Day!

I'm the first to admit that the honeymoon was probably one of the least-planned trips I've ever taken.  While it actually worked out well for us, my advice to other brides: don't leave planning the honeymoon until the month before!! Trust me, you will have WAY too much other stuff going on.  Anyway, back to the recaps!

So while we had an idea of what we wanted to do and see in both Paris and Rome, we left it up in the air as to what we would do which day (except for Rome, where I did get some tickets in advance).  We decided to hit one of the big sights in Paris right away - the Eiffel Tower!

We did not buy tickets in advance, and so we arrived at the Tower about a half hour before it opened and joined the existing queue.  It wasn't too long, and we used our time wisely to eat some croissants in line! Once the Tower opened, we got tickets and headed up to the top - arriving about an hour after we got to the Tower.  Not too bad!!

The view is pretty amazing!

And we could watch the rain clouds rolling across the horizon!

There's the Arch!

Cold and windy, but still smiling!

 I loved the clouds! It was a weird weather day, but it made for some great photos!


If only Picasa let you create panoramic get the idea, though!

I loved this one in black and white...the sky was so great!!

We finally exited the Tower and headed back down to the ground.  What'd we do? Take more photos, of COURSE!!!

It was definitely time to find some lunch, so we headed over to the Rick Steves recommended Rue Cler:

As Rick promised, this was probably the most Parisian of all the streets we wandered down - here's the fish market, the bakery, the cheese store, the fresh produce stands - every daily need a Parisian could have, they could take care of it on this street! The Groom really loved this street...I was more concerned with getting my first authentic Croque Monsieur!

Not my picture.  I forgot to take pictures of my food until later in the trip!

Man, was that ham and cheese sandwich delicious!! I think most American sandwiches would be improved by the addition of cheese on top of the bread! Anyway, after our lunch at the Boulangerie (bakery!), we headed off on a very fun river cruise of the Seine!

The Musee d'Orsay (Impressionist art)

One of the many bridges on our cruise

Notre Dame!

We really enjoyed the tour! Did I mention we had really long days on the honeymoon? Anyway, after leaving the boat, we decided to walk over to the Place de la Concorde, and check out the view up the Champs Elysees.

Statutes on the Pont Alexandre III bridge

The weather didn't seem to be improving...look at that sky over Napoleon's Tomb!

The Groom is psyched!

The obelisk at the Place de la Concorde (there are so many Egyptian obelisks in city squares in Paris and Rome, that I am now convinced there are no obelisks left in Egypt!)

This was the spot where Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette were beheaded.

See how sunny it looks there? This was about 15 minutes after I took that picture over Napoleon's Tomb of the REALLY dark sky!

And VOILA! The sun!

And the view up the Champs Elysees!

But before we headed back to the hotel, we had one more stop to make!

Oh yes...macaron central! Laduree!!

While the Groom took his Time Out (yes, I crack myself up!)...

I opened up my sampler box of macarons!


After a brief recovery, we headed back out to the Rue Cler area near the Eiffel Tower to get some dinner.  Of course, being in Paris, I have to start with cheese, right? Behold...the Camembert!

AKA gooey caramelized cheese of tastiness!

Meanwhile, post-dinner, the Groom enjoyed the cocoa sprinkled on his cappuccino! After finishing dinner, we were just in time for the Eiffel Tower sparkliness!

Photographing the sparkly was a bit tough, though.

Though I enjoyed how this photo turned out!

One last look at the Tower all lit up! It was fun to end the day where we began!

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  1. Great photos! We've been referring to Rick Steve's a lot for planning out our honeymoon!

  2. WOWWWW beautiful!! GReat pictures I feel like I just went on vacation with you! :-) Love it!