Thursday, May 3, 2012

Total Blur

I have to admit, the last week or two have flown by in a blur! We've accomplished so many tasks and finalized all our details, and I think we're finally ready to do this thing on Saturday! Yay! But of course with the good, there is the bad...

Things I have not enjoyed in the last few weeks of preparing:
  • Going for my final dress fitting and finding out that the seamstress didn't do all the alterations I had expected at this point.  Luckily Bridesmaid Ashlee was on the scene to help me keep my cool.  But when your final fitting is just a week away from the wedding? I now know what's it's like to want to cry and scream at the same time.
  • My exceptionally short temper.  I'm usually pretty mellow, but not so much these past few weeks! Stress + not a whole lot of sleep = crankypants!
Things that have worked out unexpectedly fantastic:
  • All of our vendor check-ins! Everyone knows what's happening, what they need to be doing, and are 100% prepared for our wedding.  Or at least they are giving a very good impression of readiness, even if they are not! I'll take it!
  • Our groomsmen/bridemaids - again, everyone knows what they need to do, where they need to go, and when to say exactly the right thing.  We picked these friends for a reason, definitely, but they've all gone above and beyond and just been downright awesome.  I don't know if we'll be able to thank them enough!
Other things that have proven to be true:
  • If it's broken, just throw money at it! Oh, the days of being cost-conscious and budget aware are so far behind us! Though it's OK, primarily because our guest count came in under budget so we have some extra money at this point.  Which is good, because when I discovered all my table number frames would fall over at the slightest was time for new frames! From $10 for frames to $48.  Oh well!
  • The last week before the wedding will be both the longest and shortest week of your life!!
So I do believe that this will be my final post until after the wedding!!!! I can't wait!!! See you on the other side as a Mrs.!


  1. YEA today is the big day!! I hope its all as fantastic and beautiful as you imagined!!! :)

  2. ahh can't wait to hear all about it! congratulations!!!