Monday, May 21, 2012

Unveiling...the Gifts for the Guys and Gals

I meant to schedule this post for while I was on my honeymoon but forgot to do before I start recapping the honeymoon, here's one more pre-wedding post!

For the Ladies...
Considering how quickly I became enamoured with all things bridal, I knew from reading other blogs and wedding sites, that choosing gifts for my bridesmaids was going to be tough.  I wanted to give the girls something they could use - both on the wedding day and after! With a May wedding in New England, it was something of a no brainer to give them pashminas!

And, with an amazing sale from J.Crew...I snagged three lovely lavender pashminas that I hoped would coordinate with the color we selected for their bridesmaid dresses.  (Yes, I was on the hunt for gifts before we'd even picked out the bridesmaid dresses!) Lucky for me, they matched perfectly! (I also gave my friend Melanie, who did a reading for us, a pashmina, but in pink).  And then to add to that, I found cute wristlets at Coach that coordinated perfectly with the pashminas! (Who doesn't love the appearance of a well-coordinated present?)

Also, as we got closer to the wedding, it seemed that each of the girls was having a tough time choosing jewelry that would go with the dress, and with each other.  I finally decided to go hit up Claire's and see what they had - and I lucked out with it also being prom season! I selected a floating necklace with pearls and a few rhinestones, and matched that with some sparkly earrings.

Yes, apparently I will not be a professional jewelry photographer any time soon! Hopefully the shots of the girls actually WEARING the jewelry will turn out nicer :)

And for the Gents:

The Groom personalized a Patriots beer mug for one of our readers, Mike.

He also personalized a cool wine set for his best man, Mike.

The interior of the wine set!

And the Groom gifted his two other groomsmen with a cigar set, including a flask.  The box was too much of a pain to open with all of the packing material, so here's a photo from the internet instead!

We coordinated their gifts which were wrapped in silver paper, and I gave the girls their presents in purple bags with silver paper.  I think everyone really enjoyed what we gave them!!!! We really couldn't thank everyone enough for everything they did for us!!

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  1. Great gifts! Especially the Coach Wrist lets I still use mine all the time and I have had it for about 10 years!