Monday, June 18, 2012

The "Best Of" Post

I kept a journal while on our honeymoon, originally with the intent of tracking our spending.  While I only tracked our spending on the first day (because I was lazy!), I did start keeping track of what we did each day and any notable comments we made.  I found these still to be funny upon re-reading here you go!

- Upon trying to find ourselves on the map of Paris, I pointed out a street sign and said, "We're on this street.  Look, the sign says so."  Gene's response? "No, we're not on that street! We don't know who put that sign up!"

- After stopping into a fromangerie and getting some small pieces of cheese, Gene, upon eating a small round of goat cheese: "This smells like sweat socks run through a sewer! I love it!" (in my opinion, that was also how that piece of cheese tasted...)

- At the Louvre, after spending quite a lot of time looking at paintings of the Virgin Mary and Child..."Oh yeah, it's biblical humor day!"

- Watching French television: "Where's the cheese-making channel like they had in National Lampoon's European Vacation??" Also, we managed to catch the British and French versions of "The Voice."  While I didn't recognize any of the French judges, in Britain they have Tom Jones, Jessie J, and Will.I.Am!

- Eyeing our not so great maps of Rome: "Can we get a map that's not from the Waffle King? We're like Bolt trying to get across the country!" (If you've seen the movie Bolt, you should be laughing.  If not, go rent it! It's hilarious!)

- Planning our visit to ancient Rome: "It's Flintstones day as we're off to check out the rubble!"

- Packing up to leave Rome at the end of the honeymoon: Gene - "One chapter closes and another begins!" Awww.

Also, I figured we weren't true tourists if we didn't proudly show you our souvenirs! As I've gotten older, I've tried to be a better purchaser of souvenirs, and not buy crap! And because I imposed a moratorium on buying coffee mugs (we have WAY too many as is!) we decided to focus our purchases on art!

First, our mass of maps and ticket stubs from Rome.  I thought I might make a scrapbook, but probably won't - so here's the evidence of where we went, preserved digitally!

This was where we ate our best meal in Rome.  It didn't hurt that they gave you a complementary limoncello shot as dessert!

And our Paris stubs and maps!

The only thing we've framed so's an ongoing project!

A close-up our our first piece from Paris.  We liked the simple lines and the watercolor!

We obviously had to bring home a painting of the Pantheon!

Another one from Paris

I have no idea what we'll do with these, but this man cut our silhouettes out of a piece of paper in under a minute.  It was very cool!

We clearly needed this because it featured Gene's name...

And I loved this one from Rome because it captured three of my favorite sights - the Colosseum, St. Peter's, and the Trevi Fountain.

And we can't forget to show you our magnets!

Not pictured: some lovely coasters from Paris, along with a University of Rome sweatshirt for me! What kind of souvenirs do you like to buy on vacation? 

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