Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Future of the Blog

Like many a bridal blogger before me, I've been debating what to do next with my blog.  (Yes, recaps will be coming! Soon! We've looked at all of our proofs and LOVE them...LOVE.  Seriously.  Anyway.)  Since I've been holding out on you, here are some of my favorite photos that friends took and I've snagged off of Facebook:

Walking down the aisle with my Dad.  I completely forgot to look at Gene at all...I was too busy grinning and looking at everyone who had come to the wedding!!

Up at the altar!


Gene had threatened to smash the cake in my face all week.  Needless to say, I made sure that did not happen!

Also, we ended up feeding each other the entire slice.  It was good cake!

This might have been our first dance...

See that open mouth? Yeah, my mouth was open in practically all my photos.  I took grinning to a whole new level that day!

We had a BLAST!

 Anyway, there's no question that I'll keep blogging - I love it! I like taking the time to write posts, I like taking photos and sharing them, and I know that this is a great way to keep family and friends who live further away, up to date with my life.  (Hi family! I know you're out there!)

Here is what I've decided so far in regards to the future of the blog:
  • We'll be moving! Since we're married, the blog needs a new home - or at the least, an address that doesn't include "are getting married."  I'm still working on the new blog, but I'll likely unveil it after the wedding recaps.  Stay tuned!
  • My focus: it'll kind of be an everything blog! My husband (I love saying that!) bought our house in 2008, and it's needed a LOT of renovation.  We started putting house stuff on hold when we got engaged...and now, 18 months later, it's time to focus on the house again! We have a lot of good things planned for the summer! 
  • I think I'll also be focusing on hobbies - I've signed up for a 10k in October, so there'll be some jogging/training talk; Gene's attempts at gardening (I hate spiders.  And tomatoes, so he's on his own for that!); any trips we take or other fun plans; my attempts at self-improvement in the kitchen (cooking healthy AND good food...a tough combination!); and so on and so forth.
I love having an outlet like the blog, so I'll be sticking around! Hopefully you all choose to stick around with me!


  1. My blog started out as a personal journal turned into a food blog and is not more like a personal journal again. Blog as long as you'd like and write for yourself. :-)

  2. You look gorgeous and sooo happy! I like you did a few recaps and then just kind of fell off the blog wagon, hence being MIA for a couple months. I guess I just needed a break!! But looking forward to catching up on your blog!

  3. gorgeous photos, you look SO HAPPY!! glad that you will keep up with the blogging...I'm still struggling with "making the switch" cause it was frustrating to start over at square one with a new blog when I felt I had gained such a following at Saying I do! Plus i'm attending EIGHT weddings this year, and want to post about them on my wedding blog.. I think this fall I'll make the switch, but for now, just updating about life and weddings...sorry that turned into a vent!