Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Honeymoon: Ciao, Rome!

On Thursday, our last full day in Rome, we decided to finally tour the Pantheon.  Yes, we'd been staying next to it all week - but had yet to go inside!

Yep, it's BIG!

Gene inside.  It was hard to get a good shot of the interior.

The oculus in the center of the ceiling.  There's no need for lights inside, as the oculus lets in plenty of light!

I shot a good video of the inside, but Blogger isn't cooperating and letting me upload it! You can check it out at this link, though, if you're interested!

After our Pantheon visit, we grabbed some lunch before heading over to the National Museum.  But not before sneaking some photos of the gladiators prowling around in front of the Pantheon! They were charging tourists ridiculous amounts for photos...but their outfits made me laugh. 

And we found another lion...but this one was drinking a pina colada! Ha!

Our lunch destination, as recommended by Rick Steves!

Our wine recommendations...recommended by...ourselves!

My delicious white pizza, with artichoke paste! Sounds weird but was really good!

Powered by pizza and wine, we decided to use our Roma Passes to go visit the National Museum for free.  We hit the main branch, the Palazzo Massimo, near the Termini train station. This location has the world's largest coin collection...which is about as exciting as it sounds.

One of the few bronze sculptures I saw.  The detail on this sculpture, the Boxer, was amazing.  You could see the bruising on his face and the wraps on his hands!

What the fresco would have looked like as it was originally installed in a villa

Possible caption: I am having the worst hair day EVER!

After finishing up at the museum, we strolled back to the hotel.  And found yet another square with an obelisk! (I think that more obelisks spring up overnight!)

I'm pretty sure this was St. Peter with a halo...but I captured just the right angle to make it look like he's wearing Mickey Mouse ears!

PROOF that one of the pinatas from our wedding, accompanied us on the honeymoon!

What better way to end our honeymoon - revisiting one of our favorite wines, the Chianti Classico!

And finally ordering a pasta course AND a meat course! Gene's pasta course.

My pasta course - can't go wrong with spaghetti bolognese!! Sorry, our second courses were so good we failed to take any photos!!

After our last dinner in Rome, we headed to our favorite gelato location, and then enjoyed it in the square by the Pantheon.  There was a pretty entertaining mime working the crowd, so we watched him for a bit, and then wandered around a bit.  We then woke up the next day, finished packing, and were off to the airport!
Our obligatory airport photo.
Ciao, Rome! We had a BLAST!

Thanks for following along with all of my honeymoon posts! I have yet to receive my DVD of photos from my photographer, so I think wedding recaps will still be a ways off.  In the meantime, I'll have a post or two on my tips for traveling in Europe for you to enjoy!

Miss a honeymoon recap?

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