Thursday, June 28, 2012

What We've Been Up To

I thought I would have an exciting post up on the blog earlier this week, with lots of fun pictures from my weekend, but this was the only picture I took last weekend:

A picture of Gene's Dark and Stormy beverage. 
While it was in fact, dark and storming outside!

Ooh wait, I forgot I took this one too:

No, this won't turn into a cat lady blog!

Aren't we exciting?? But the good news is, in the past few weeks we've done a LOT of stuff to our house.  Stuff like filling up an entire dumpster! We cleaned out our basement and garage, along with the attic space on our second floor, which became a construction debris site over two years ago, when lots of the initial renovations were taking place in the house.  We're still ironing out what exactly we have planned for the summer, but here's what we've decided so far:

- Buying a new storm door for our front door - we put this off for a while, because of course our doors are weirdly shaped and we had to order custom!

- Hiring a mason to fix our front steps, and create a level surface in our basement for our soon-to-be purchased washer and dryer.  (I am MOST excited about this!)

- Gardening, gardening, and more gardening! You know what's a cheap fix and instantly makes your yard look nicer? GARDENING!!

Earlier this summer, I managed to spruce up our sideyard in one weekend:

You know you're buying too much when it doesn't all fit on the cart...

And - MUCH BETTER! (I failed to take a before picture.  But it wasn't pretty!)

And those pink flowers - they came back from LAST YEAR!
Thanks to the mild winter!

While the petunias have all flourished, the marigolds are some unhappy flowers.  This happened last year as well.  Maybe there's something in the soil they don't care for? At any rate, I've got to stop buying marigolds for this area!! Also on my flower wish list? I'd love to plant some hydrangea bushes in the front of the house, as they are all over our neighborhood and clearly do well.  And I'd love to try peonies as well!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately - I'm still trying to find my post-wedding groove! Though I can't WAIT to get started on wedding recaps!! I'm off to visit my sister in NYC this weekend, though, so there should be a fun post about that next week!!

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