Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot Time in the City!

Last weekend, I went to visit my sister Kathy in NYC.  Kathy was also my MOH, and made countless trips to Boston while I was planning my wedding, without any complaint.  So needless to say, I owe her SEVERAL visits to show my appreciation! Plus, a weekend in NYC? Count me in!! I left work early and caught one of the many buses running from Boston to New York (while I would love to take the train, I can take the bus 5 times [round-trip] for the cost of a single round-trip train ticket!!!)

Traffic SUCKED on Friday afternoon.  I was so excited when I figured out the driver was routing us to the Midtown Tunnel, as it saves SO much time.  Until we sat in the heavy traffic waiting to get to the tunnel. We sat by the sign for so long, I took a picture!! (So close, yet so far...)

After finally getting into Kathy's apartment on the Upper East Side, we headed out for some dinner.  Which sadly did not include one of my most favorite things in the world...Earl's Beer Cheese.  However, I had an excellent beer instead!  We closed out our night on the Upper West Side at Dive Bar, where we both sampled some of Cisco's beer offerings. (Yes, I understand the irony of going from Boston to NYC to drink beer from Nantucket!)


And signs like this will ALWAYS make me laugh.

On Saturday, we woke up and headed out to brunch at another neighborhood spot, ABV.  After my attempts at DIY crap during my wedding planning, I can appreciate touches like hand-stamped placemats!

ABV has a great space, with high ceilings and lots of exposed brick.

ABV also has delicious drinks, like my White Peach Mimosa!

I've had plenty of ham and egg sandwiches before...but nothing quite like this!

It was DELICIOUS and I ate every bite.  (Insert empty plate picture here!!) I needed a good foundation for our next stop was Yankee Stadium! What better thing to do on a day that's humid and 90+ degrees than head to the ballpark?

20 minutes on the subway, and BAM!

Color me impressed by the beer selection at the game! However, so many things are in bottles, that service is a bit slow as they have to pour it into a plastic cup.  But I'm a happy girl with a Bud Light with Lime in hand!

The field! We had pretty great seats...that were in the shade the entire game.  That made all the difference, it was so hot on Saturday!

And something else I love about newer stadiums? CUPHOLDERS! I forgot to take a picture, but they are so nice to have!

The game went VERY fast - I guess the players were hot too! They had barely cleared the field when the sprinklers kicked on.  Rainbows!

We survived the heat!

After taking a break at Kathy's apartment for a while, we decided to head out to another neighborhood bar, the Guthrie Inn, for a drink before dinner. 

I started out with a delicious cocktail - no idea what it was called, but it was like ice-cold lemonade with a kick!

I also appreciated the chandelier and red ceiling!

We then headed off to grab some dinner from El Paso.  They had lots of interesting stuff like this statute for decor!

While the guacamole was excellent, the timing of food and drinks was terrible.  Our margaritas were not served until after we'd received our guac and chips - and then our entrees arrived about 90 seconds later! Definitely something for that restaurant to work on...why order an app if your entree arrives at the same time??

And, if my mango basil margarita had made it to the table sooner, I probably would have had a second! Oh well, your loss, El Paso.

We then ended up back at ABV, where we'd started the day, for a few more drinks.  I had my eye on a flight of Rose wines...but after a margarita, felt like sangria was a better choice.  And check out that garnish!

Gotta love the window seat!

And of course, no visit to NYC is complete with a stop at a diner!

And the obligatory Empire State Building you can see it from where the bus drops you and picks you up.

Have you taken any fun weekend trips lately?


  1. It seems like you ladies had a fun weekend (even if it involved a trip to Yankee Stadium). ;-)

  2. what an awesome trip to NYC! Looks like you hit some really great spots, and I haven't been to the new Yankee Stadium yet and I LIVE here! Jealous :)