Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm Still Here!

Really! I'm still around!! Just not posting as regularly as I once I have been LAZY (yes, so lazy that I needed all-caps).

We had a rollicking birthday BBQ last weekend for the Husband, as he had a milestone birthday.  However, laziness has kicked in and I have yet to transfer the pictures from my camera to my computer.  This will happen soon! Promise!!

It doesn't help that in tidying up the house for the party, I moved my computer upstairs to my office, where it feels like the 7th circle of hell in the summer.  True story: I had to print something out and I used the hubster's office a few weeks ago, and opened up my document on his computer and then had to fuss around with the printer to make it work - I was upstairs for maybe 5 minutes, and it was so sauna-like that I legitimately sweat through my clothes!! ICK.  Needless to say: things to add to the House To Do List - some climate control for the second floor!!

Also, we're "experiencing" the hubby's birthday present this weekend and I can guarantee a good post out of that!! (Isn't the best present something you too get to enjoy? I think so!)

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  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award today - should help give you some ideas for writing, as I know all too well the "after-wedding" blogging feeling ;)