Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY: Making a Wedding Shadowbox

I knew I wanted to memorialize things from our wedding after the fact - things like our invitations, Save the Dates, etc.  While in the midst of planning, it finally occurred to me to buy a shadowbox! That way, I'd be able to keep things that weren't strictly flat, as the 3-D frame lets you include items of varying thickness.  When I was out looking for other stuff, I happened upon a half off shadowbox frame at Kohl's, and I was in business!!

Getting the frame out of the box was probably the toughest part of this project, so on the DIY scale, I give it a 10 - anyone can do it!

I gathered my stuff together - my Save the Dates, bridal shower invites, rehearsal dinner invites, leftover scraps of cloth from my card box, wedding program, and the wedding invitations.

I then prepped the box itself...it had a nice fabric backing, and it'd be easy to attach everything.

Instead of using the pearl-headed pins included with the box (you can see them in the upper right of this photo...completely bent out of shape!), I chose to use thumbtacks.  I stayed with white so they wouldn't be quite so obvious.  I started out by including a strip of fabric from the card box as a background, after I'd previously laid everything out.

And, after a few minutes of arranging, VOILA!

A closer look at everything...I even included one of our personalized stamps that we used for our Save the Dates.

And up on the wall! I totally suckered Gene into hanging this for me, as I didn't want to be responsible for big pieces of plaster falling off the wall with the first nail in (this is our front hall/room, and the walls are this awful textured plaster that looks like 5 year olds put their hands in it - it's definitely on our to do list to pull down!) 

And now to do something with the rest of the wedding debris laying around our house...

Have you done anything like this for your wedding keepsakes? 

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  1. This is a very new and interesting idea for me and I really liked it. I am definitely getting one of these for my wedding. I’ll be tying the knot next month at one of the popular Chicago wedding venues and we have made all the important arrangements for the ceremony.