Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Photos

A glimpse of what we've been up to lately!

Kicked the Mister's butt at some mini-golf!!

The same golf course had a bush that looked like a gummy bear!

Hanging out with the neighbor's cat on our fugly lawn

Our lawn may be ugly, but our flowers are going gangbusters!

Wine in a box shaped like a purse.  Of course!

The Yankee Homecoming Brewfest - delicious!

The Wachusett Brewing Company Engine can come to my house anytime!

Well, this is what the Mister was up to.  I was far, far away! Ick!

Our rock star corn, grown in our backyard.  And half-eaten by something else!

Yum! Wailua Wheat makes me think of Hawaii!

Some amazing clouds in Boston

Games at Fenway Park

And STEAK! Yum.

I'm off to celebrate my good friend Michelle's bachelorette party this weekend up in Portland, Maine...while I'm guessing there will be a photo embargo during the actual party, I'm hoping to take some great Portland photos!

Have an amazing weekend!!

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