Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Portland in Photos

Having never been to Portland, Maine, I was really excited to spend some time there last weekend celebrating my good friend Michelle's bachelorette party!! And we absolutely had a BLAST!!!!

Michelle and me at my wedding

The obligatory moose photo.  When in Maine, right?

What happens at a $5 martini happy hour.  Lots of empty glasses!

Combined with wine after dinner, I ended up just pointing at a tap at the bar and ordering whatever the Bee was.  Yeah, that was mead.  It was GROSS!!

While there was a 90's cover band at the bar (with a very serious and committed bongo player - that man was not to be distracted!), we still had some fun bachelorette games!

On Saturday, the majority of our crew wanted lobstah rolls so off we went! 

While you waited for your food, you had a buzzer shaped like a lobster! I thought seriously about stealing it...but they really won't give you your food unless you give them the buzzer!!

Full of lobster (and chicken and burgers for those non-seafood people (including myself) we headed off to tour the Allagash Brewery!

I enjoyed both the Allagash White and the Tripel, but the Curieux (their most popular) is aged in bourbon barrels for 12 weeks, and I couldn't drink it! It was way too smoky and bourbon flavored.  That kind of ruined my palate for the Confluence as well, and I really couldn't tell you what it even tasted like! After our tour, we headed back to our hotel to rest up for a big evening out!

And have some appetizers!

We had a delicious dinner at Sebago Brewing Company

And then I progressed to Shipyard's Summer Ale - Shipyard is also brewed 
right near Portland!

And then...we took our night to a bar called Bubba's.  Which was probably the strangest bar I've ever been to - there were lots of mannequins, kitschy stuff hanging everywhere like a TGI Friday's, and a whole bunch of locals who were probably mad the out-of-towners have discovered the place! But, the best thing about Bubba's, besides the excellent DJ?

Oh yes, that is a LIGHT UP dance floor!

Needless to say...best night ever! I think we gave Michelle a great send-off, and I can't wait to celebrate with her and Bret in September!

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  1. sounds like an awesome time!!! I'm droooling over the thought of lobster rolls! I bet they were amaazing!