Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Olympics, London 2012

Like everyone, I've been glued to the Olympics for the past week and a half! And like most everyone else, I've been really annoyed by NBC's coverage.  More commercials than coverage! Oops, we told you who wins this next event with the commercial for the Today show, where we have the gold medalist joining us tomorrow! And with swimming, they at least had to show you the other countries competing.  Having to go online to find the other gymnasts and watch their performances with both men's and women's gymnastics was really frustrating.  Though I'm enjoying the track and field events where again, they have to show you everyone competing!! And I do love cheering on the Americans!!
How amazing was Gabby?!

Team Phelps!

My favorite Olympic sports, however, are the equestrian events.  This is definitely because I used to ride horses, and took jumping classes which I loved!!! I even rode in college and was on the equestrian team (which was just a club sport, so we had to pay for everything ourselves).  Growing up in Michigan, we also had Canadian channels, and CBC often broadcast equestrian events (which maybe were more popular in Canada than the US?). 

Showjumping was definitely my favorite:

Ian Miller with Big Ben, my all-time favorite showjumping team!

Fans at the equestrian event were treated to spectacular views of the capital city taking in the historical Battersea Power Station, the modern towers of the financial district and St Paul's Cathedral
The course in London

Though I love watching cross country as well - I can't imagine how scary that must be!

Zara Phillips in the 2012 Olympics - Team Great Britain took the eventing silver medal.

Both today and tomorrow feature gold medal finals - individual jumping today, and dressage tomorrow.  While I'm more a fan of jumping, I can enjoy dressage.  I took a few dressage lessons in high school and let me tell you, it is not easy! Though I am annoyed by Ann Romney and Rafalca and all the media coverage.  (AND...people who say dressage should not be an Olympic sport.  Hmm, what about ping pong? Trampolining? RACEWALKING!! You could make that argument for easily half of the other Olympic sports.) Though I am enjoying Steven Colbert and the fact that he has chosen dressage as his sport of the summer!!!

Best line: "How does a horse get into dressage? 'Dad, I don't want to go into battle...I just want to DANCE!'!!!"

What have been your favorite Olympic events?

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