Friday, August 3, 2012

Time for a paaaahr-tay!

Just a few weeks ago, my fantastic husband celebrated a birthday - and not just any birthday! He turned the big 4-0!!! (No, I can't believe he's that old either!!) Especially since his mom made him the best present ever...a photo album full of pictures of him as a kid!!
Isn't he the CUTEST?! I swear, he looks the same today...

I was very thorough at photographing our Birthday BBQ prep...and then I totally failed once we had more than 2 guests at the house!! Though I suppose that's a sign of a good party, in that I was enjoying myself too much to remember to take photos.

I firmly believe you are never too old for balloons!!

The all-important bar set-up (not pictured: a ridiculous amount of beer in coolers outside).  That brown stuff is Gene's Grog - actually a tasty mix of iced tea and rum!

And we finally cut into Gene's hammy baby - a prosciutto that's been curing in our basement for a year and a half.

Gene's Mom made him an awesome book of pictures and memories from growing up to now!

And...the cake! I think they tried to put 40 balloons on!

Contrary to his expression...he did blow them all out at one go!

This dessert, baked by my friend Maggie, was the hit of the party.  Brownie on the bottom, Oreo in the middle, and chocolate chip cookie on top.  
Needless to say, there were not any of these left the next day!

Ooh, and a random update! Check out that lovely new storm door!! Installation took WAY longer than we expected (primarily because our old storm door took up more space, and we had to scrape, sand and paint over some wood), but we went from this ugly door to that lovely new one!!

The best part of the new door is that the top half can be either a screen or a storm door, which is awesome! We are especially proud of this door because of course our door is not a standard size and we had to order it custom - and we measured correctly! Yay!

Next up: pics of the birthday present I bought Gene!

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  1. Happy birthday to your the picture of him when he was younger...