Friday, September 14, 2012

And now for some more home improvement...

I really don't intend upon making this blog all about working on our house...but since that's what's occupying my time lately, that's what you get.  That, and training for my 10k...though I'm not sure that warrants an entire post! I run.  I don't really like it that much.  I think I might need new shoes but wonder if I will be able to break them in before the race.  I wonder if I should reward myself with a "race day" outfit from Lululemon.  See? Not so exciting!

Anyway, I finally framed and hung up all of the prints that we bought on our honeymoon! (You can click on that post to see close-up shots of the prints).  Want to see them?

Here is the plain old wall in our dining room.  We painted the whole house over 3 years ago...but have only slowly been hanging things on the walls.

And...VOILA! I originally thought I would group all 5 prints together...

But Gene really liked the other print on the other wall.  So we did it! And don't worry.  Hanging these up was not without its own challenges!! Ha! Give me a hammer and I'll give you a big hole in the wall.  Especially when I hit the nail too hard and it goes all the way into the wall.  Oops.  Gene to the rescue! (See, I am just trying to include him!)

I really love this one from Paris.  It was very fitting that it got its own wall!

Do you have any fall or winter home improvement goals? We're compiling our list now...2012-13 - the winter of getting stuff DONE!

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  1. Looking really good!! Home decorating can be overwhelming but soo fun and feels sooo great when you sit back and take in the whole picture and think "wow that looks great!"