Friday, September 21, 2012

It's like waiting for Christmas morning...

If you've been following this blog since the wedding, you know that I am DYING to start my wedding recaps! I am so excited to do this, I've worked on posts, and I'm just waiting for my pictures.  Much of the delay, I finally discovered, is from the fact that we ordered an album.  First, it took us over 3 months to pick our wedding album photos (because we are incredibly indecisive), and we then passed that information on to our photographer.  He will now retouch/do his magic and make sure those photos are gorgeous as possible, and then give us a digital layout to review prior to his creating the physical album.  Then, and only then, once he's completed the album will we receive our DVD of proofs, because he includes all of the retouched photos from our album on that DVD as well.

I love our photographer and think he's great - he's also been nothing but responsive each and every time I've reached out to him with questions.  Fortunately for him, and unfortunately for us...everyone else has discovered how great he is too!! BOO! So as he has 9 weddings to shoot in the next 3 and a half weeks, I think it'll still be a bit longer before we get our album or DVD of photos.  Sigh.

In the meantime, I baked you some pumpkin walnut bread!

Are you terrible at waiting for things too? I just want my album and pictures NOW!

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  1. UMM YUM that bread looks amazing! Looking forward to recaps!!!