Friday, September 7, 2012

Peaking Too Early?

I was going back through the ol' blog and I realized, wow, we got a LOT of stuff done for the house right after the wedding!! We got a dumpster and cleared out our basement, garage, and attic spaces and we were raring to go with projects for the rest of the summer!

And then...nothing.  Yeah, that dumpster came and left our driveway over three months ago! I don't know if summer hit us - as in relax, have a beer, and throw some burgers on the grill - or the heat, as it's been a really humid summer in Boston.  Perhaps we simply peaked too early? At any rate, it is definitely time to get going on some projects before it gets cold out!!  And while I am not ready for winter...I do love fall!!

I am REALLY excited to try this!

So, with that in's what WILL be taking place soon at our casa!

1. See these decrepit old steps? They will be ripped out and replaced.  Considering one of the masons who came by to give us a quote mentioned how using salt on cement is bad, now I'm wondering if we killed these steps ourselves by using salt in the winter!! Eek! We're officially switching over to sand this year, that's for sure.

2. Having the mason build two concrete pads in our basement - to level the floor, so we can put in a washer and dryer, and a second freezer.  We like to buy all our meat from Costco as it is so much cheaper than the grocery store, and now we'll have space to store it all.  Along with perhaps some emergency ice cream??

Thank goodness this is NOT our gutter...

3. Once I realized things were growing in our gutters (which also explained why rain was falling straight down off the roof, rather than going in the gutter) we decided it was time to be grown-ups and buy a big ladder, and clean our gutters.  Weekend project! We're so exciting.

4. And now for a random indoor project:



I FINALLY painted this last section of the kitchen, which is the side of our pantry and right off the entrance to our master bedroom.  Go me! This was long overdue and now we're quite enjoying the green section of wall!! Now I just need a small pastoral print to hang here! (Cows and chickens! Yes!)

WHEW!!!! I feel like we put the labor back in Labor Day weekend!! What have you been up to lately? 


  1. love the paint job! can't wait to see how the steps turn out

  2. Great job, you guys are moving right along!!