Monday, September 10, 2012

The Great Reveal: STEPS!

I'm sure I left you all in GREAT suspense with my post on Friday about having our steps redone!! Or maybe any rate, this post is all about the NEW STEPS!! While my darling husband waxed poetic about learning to do masonry and do our crumbling front steps himself, I put my foot down on that and said we had to hire a mason.  We got quotes from three local companies, and also joined Angie's List to see what the reviews were for each company.  (To be honest, I'm still not convinced Angie's List was worth the money.  I think it was $30 or so for a year...we'll see if we use it enough to justify the expense.)

The mason came to start the work last week, and arrived bright and early on Tuesday morning.  I think he got there at 7 am, and by the time I was out the door at 7:15, he had already ripped out the old steps! I was impressed.  Gene stayed home on Tuesday in case they needed him, but apparently they did not.  At any rate, I came home on Tuesday night to this sight:

Hello, new steps! New solid GRANITE steps!! They are great, but sadly, make the retaining walls on either side just look grody! (I didn't take a wider shot, but the walls look really dingy and dirty in comparison to the clean gray granite.  Also, we had a ton of rain this weekend and some leaves that fell on the steps then BLED [seemingly] into our nice granite.  How annoying!) At any rate, we're really happy with the steps.  Onto the basement!

This is the chalk outline for the concrete pad for the freezer...(isn't our basement charming? Gotta love old New England houses!!)

And Gene pointing out the "L" shape for the washer and dryer.  You know, I'm still not clear on why he wanted an "L," but I'm sure he'll tell me in due time.

And Gene modeling his new toy, a table saw.  See what happens when I go to work and leave him at home?! Though he did build a lovely door to cover an old basement window, that will also be where the dryer vents to the outside.  Anyone else have any projects that need a table saw? Because Gene is available!! 

Of course, because nothing is ever easy...tune in later this week for the grand reveal on our washer and dryer, and the ensuing drama!! Does home improvement give anyone else as big a headache as it does me??


  1. The steps came out great! Bummer about the leaves bleeding on them though but it gives them a little charm! :) Love Gene and his table love their tools!