Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Great Reveal...Part 2!

Also known as the continuing adventures with our mason! Actually, our mason was fantastic. He did the steps on Tuesday, came back and did the concrete pads on Wednesday, along with putting a bunch of stones down on either side of the steps to "anchor" them.  
The pebbles in action.  And...we're off to the basement!

Here is the area for the washer and dryer (cue ominous foreshadowing music now...)

And the area for the freezer.  Which I just noticed is ALSO "L" shaped.  I really have to ask the husband about that!! 
Knowing that we had the mason scheduled, we went ahead on Labor Day weekend and ordered our washer and dryer from the Home Depot.  We also scheduled delivery for this past weekend, as the mason said the concrete would be all dry and set by then.  And he was right - he came by early on Saturday and grabbed the wood and cinder blocks, and said we were good to go.  Home Depot came promptly that afternoon with our beautiful new washer and dryer! They hooked up the washer and ran it to make sure everything was good...and then went to install the dryer vent on the back of the dryer...and DISASTER! Guess what fools did not include enough space in the measurement of the concrete pad for the vent to stick out on the back of the dryer? THESE FOOLS!! (insert faceplant here!)
You know, I've decided that home improvement is not for the faint of heart.  Nor for those easily prone to meltdowns.  Which I now apparently am.  Because once those Home Depot delivery guys were out of the basement, I was in full on fighting back tears mode! Mainly because I've been waiting to get a washer and a dryer for THREE YEARS, and mainly because we were so DUMB not to allow for extra space! And a mason isn't I was doubly upset with myself for not doing the right measurements, if we're actually hiring a professional to come in and do what we want.

Needless to say, Gene was able to calm me down (eventually) and then in my fantastic mood, we headed off to Home Depot because dang it if we weren't going to just make an extra section of concrete! We talked to a concrete guy at the store, got some materials, and headed back home.  And actually, the project went shockingly well! Now, I love Gene, but I wouldn't have trusted him to lay LARGE sections of concrete.  But this one section? It worked! (Actually, WE worked - I helped too, with mixing and pouring it while it was wet).

The new washer taunts me as I can't use it just yet (well, I could...but we don't have anywhere to hang up clothes to dry.  Thanks for the clothesline suggestion, Mom.  Har har har.)

See how the washer is up to the VERY edge of the original platform? Ugh, my heart just SANK when Gene came and told me the news.  But look at that glorious section that we did all by ourselves! Go us!

At any rate, now we are just waiting for the plumber to come TOMORROW and hook up our gas dryer (we have all the  hook-ups ready to go, but because it's gas, we're not willing to mess around with it), and we'll be in the laundry business!! All's well that ends well, I suppose! But who knew I would be so excited to do loads of laundry?!


  1. I am glad that you guys were able to fix it. Being a homeowner is very expensive sometimes!

  2. Everything looks great..I love the steps outside!