Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trends in Boston's Restaurant Week

March and August in Boston mean just one thing when you're headed out to eat: Restaurant Week! Well, actually - Restaurant Weeks! What started out as a twice-a-year, one week event has now grown into a twice-a-year, two week event! Essentially, Sunday through Thursday participating restaurants will offer a three-course dinner at the amazing price of $33.12!! (Many restaurants also offer a 2 or 3 course lunch, priced in the $15-20 range).

As a result, I've always treated Restaurant Weeks as the chance to get out and try some amazing places, that are usually outside of my typical price range for a meal out.  It's a great excuse for a girl's night or a date night! This time around, I've been lucky enough to hit up three different restaurants for dinner.  I made Gene have a date night with me for two of them, and then treated myself to a girl's night on the third night!

(Sidenote: Gene's take on date nights when I first moved in with him: "But I thought if we lived together, we wouldn't have to HAVE date night anymore!" Gene's take on date nights when we got married: "FINALLY! I kicked that date night thing! Oh what, we still have to do those?" Yes, honey, we STILL need to have date night! Men.)

Some of the yummy trends I've noticed while wining and dining: 

- Truffle oil.  I knew I liked truffle oil from previous dining experiences...but who knew that adding truffle oil to TATER TOTS would take them to a new level of amazing? (Or shall I say "aah-mahzing!")

The tots in question can be found at the delicious Grill 23 in Boston

- Truffle oil and pasta...and cheese? Yes, I had to be rolled out of Marliave! I also didn't snap a picture of anything but dessert there, but I had a delicious beef wellington for dinner after I stuffed myself with truffle oil mac and cheese.  Gluttony? Yes, please!

A box of truffles for dessert! I totally ran out of space for these, sadly.

- Butterscotch is not just for pudding! Though my friend had an amazing butterscotch pudding (with candied ginger!) for dessert at Marliave, a butterscotch sundae was also in the offering for dessert at Grill 23.  However, how could I resist the Devil's Tower of Chocolate?

We finished our Restaurant Week tour last Thursday with a visit to Gaslight.  Not only was my mixed greens with fried Brie delicious, so was my entree of tagliatelle and my dessert of a flourless chocolate cake.  Gaslight is the winner of Restaurant Week, however, as you also receive a "complimentary" glass of wine with your meal! Yum! (Sorry for the total lack of pictures! Apparently I am not cut out to be a food blogger!)

See you next March, Restaurant Week!!


  1. I love Chicago's restaurant week...the suburbs have it too! I never get to participate..booo..

  2. that sounds like such a cool idea! i wish we had that here