Friday, October 19, 2012

Coming Clean

Everyone, I have a confession...I did not run the 10k I had signed up for on Columbus Day.  While I can say there are a lot of reasons I didn't run, the only REAL reason was that I simply didn't train enough for it, and didn't prioritize running in my day-to-day schedule.  I figured if it were a 5k, I would have been OK.  I wouldn't have had my fastest time, but I could have muddled through just over 3 miles and jog the whole time.  But a 10k? Over 6 miles? I knew I would have ended up walking most of it, as the furthest I'd been able to run without stopping was 2 miles.  So I decided to not bother doing it at all.

I'm disappointed with myself, and annoyed that I shelled out $45 in June for a race I couldn't be bothered to train for in October.  However, once I realized I didn't have to run or use the treadmill again anytime soon, with no race hanging over my head? I was flooded with RELIEF! The treadmill had become my own personal hell - I dreaded going to the gym and getting on the stupid machine, and pounding through 30-45 minutes of what felt like torture.  It wasn't causing me any physical pain, but my heart was definitely not into it anymore.

So guess what? Now I actually ENJOY going to the gym again, and choosing what machine I want to use, or if I want to do weights.  I'm loving the fact that my office building is participating in ClimbCorps, where there's a climbing club at lunch and you go walk or run the stairs (with 33 floors, might as well be using them, right?).  Exercise is actually fun for me again! Lesson learned: if I'm interested in a race, do the training and wait to sign up for it until a week or so prior!!

Happy Friday!! Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Awww, it's okay girl! There's always next time! :)