Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Update 2!

I'm happy to say we made it through Hurricane Sandy just fine! We never lost power, though it did flicker from time to time.  And we got more water in our basement than we expected too - the basement isn't finished, so it's not that big of a deal - but I think at some point we'll probably be investing in a sump pump.

The tree in front of our house did not lose nearly as many leaves as we expected, and other than our neighbor's fence falling down, Sandy wasn't much in our neighborhood.  It really seemed to vary town-by-town - and we're lucky as we don't live anywhere near the water.  There's definitely a lot of flooding in the coastal areas!

And New Jersey and lower NYC is just underwater! My sister lives on the Upper East Side and has been keeping me posted - she's lucky in that she never lost power.  It sounds like the city has come to a grinding halt, though! Hopefully you stayed safe and dry during Sandy! 

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  1. It was def. crazy last week - we were very lucky - never lost power and no damage to the house. A ton of trees down, and it was hard to get into the city...but things are pretty much back to normal now! I'm so glad you guys were safe too!