Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Update!

Nothing much to report yet! And hopefully there won't be much to report in general after this storm is over.  Boston is officially shutting down public transit at 2 pm, which makes me really happy that my office just closed outright - anyone who had to go to work, I'm guessing, is probably starting to get ready to go home now.

While it's been raining most of the day, it's been a lighter rain.  We've had some wind gusts, but this is only the outer bands of the storm - since it isn't making landfall until tonight, I think the worst of the rain and wind is yet to come.  Which considering our neighbor's fence is already bending over into our yard - that fence might not last the storm! Also, we're keeping a close eye on our neighbor's yard across the street as she chose not to follow any advice about moving things out of your yard - I expect her stuff to be scattered up and down the street by the end of the storm! 

And the one casualty so far of the storm - while I brought in my birdfeeder, I thought my squirrel guard would be OK as it was duct-taped to the pole.  Guess not, as we found it in the yard! In the meantime, we're bunkered down nice and cozy in the house.  We're in great shape unless we lose power, and then we're more likely to be in cranky shape :)

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