Friday, October 5, 2012

Michelle and Bret's Wedding!

First, HAPPY FRIDAY!! And yay, this is one of my favorite things about having a blog that started out focusing on weddings...talking about a friend's wedding and how much fun it was! 

We seriously had a blast celebrating last weekend with Michelle and Bret!! They got married at the Turner Hill Estate in Ipswich, and it was lovely.  I'm really not kidding that when our shuttle bus (they provided shuttles from the hotel to the venue - which we loved!) pulled into the tree-lined driveway, all of us had a moment of "oh, wow...look at this place!"

(I forgot to take a photo of the overall estate...but lovely!) And in case you were wondering...yes, this started out as a single-family home!!

And the building was just as gorgeous on the inside as the outside! (Look, I made you a lovely collage!!)

(1) Gene and I; (2) Some of the beautiful hydrangeas still in bloom; (3) One of the chandeliers and the ceiling detail; (4) Gene is DYING to get a fireplace like this; (5) Posing with Maggie and Denise in the library, where we also had cocktail hour; (6) Another gorgeous fireplace; and (7) Obligatory lion statue!

The ceremony took place outside, and the weather held out nicely (considering it had been raining most of the weekend).  The bridemaids all looked lovely, and wore simple black knee-length dresses that had a vintage feel to them, with a scoop neckline.  One of Michelle's childhood friends officiated and she did a fantastic job, with a very heartfelt ceremony.  Michelle and Bret also wrote their own vows, which were so sweet! (I kind of focused on the ceremony and left picture taking up to Gene...and unfortunately we didn't really get any good shots! Oops.) After the ceremony, we headed inside to cocktail hour.

Michelle and Bret had so many personal touches throughout! Here are some of the details that I loved:

Michelle also had a brooch bouquet that she made with her mom, and while I failed to get any pictures, it turned out beautiful! I love that she'll be able to keep that for years! After cocktail hour, we headed out to a heated tent for dinner and to see Michelle and Bret's first dance!

The entrance! Michelle had the zipper dress, which meant she was able to zip off the bottom half when she was ready to dance! I loved it - she also changed her sparkly sash to a black sash.

Definitely one of my favorite pictures!

Considering Michelle blogs about food, it goes without saying that the food at the wedding was delicious.  From a first course of tomatoes and mozzarella to my filet mignon, the food was top notch! After eating, we then headed back inside the estate for dancing and the PHOTO BOOTH!!! I think it's probably a good thing I'd never been to a wedding with a photo booth before I got married, or I would have absolutely demanded one!! It was SO much fun!!!

Yes, I might have gone a bit crazy.  And the bottom right one? One of the girls running the booth said I should go in while she holds a fan up - and YES, I was a very glamorous model!! 

And I also blame the champagne for clouding my brain - after you took your photos, the girls would give you one set of prints, and stick the other set in a black scrapbook and have you/the other people you were with, sign a message.  It totally didn't sink in for me until SUNDAY that was because it was the GUEST BOOK!! Well, at least they know I was the top user of the photo booth and how much I love them both! Right? RIGHT?? Also, we were very proud to fit all 8 people at our table into the booth at once! Go us!

At any rate, both Gene and I had an absolutely wonderful time celebrating at Michelle and Bret's wedding!! Congrats again, guys!! Wishing you many, many years of love and happiness!!


  1. Don't you love going to weddings after yours because you aren't stressed anymore...hahaha. Loooove her house/cardbox...amazing!