Sunday, October 28, 2012

We're Ready!

You should really hit play on this before reading any further...

Oh yeah, we're probably going to get rocked by Hurricane Sandy tomorrow! Now as we're in Boston we're lucky enough to avoid a direct hit, but nonetheless they are predicting up to 4 inches of rain and hurricane-force winds for Monday and Tuesday.  Things are looking serious enough that school is cancelled and both of our offices are closed, so we won't have to venture out on the roads.  We're also decently well-prepared: we stocked up on lots of food and water; cleared out the basement where we tend to get water after big storms; and we even put all of our candles, batteries, and flashlights in a central location so we know where to find everything should we lose power.

Most importantly, we carved our Halloween pumpkins!! We had the news on while we were carving, and Gene was like, um, maybe carving pumpkins isn't really preparing for the storm? HA! Silly boy.  I carved the ridiculously labor intensive haunted castle on the left, while Gene made the scary face on the right.  Another important storm prep item: we have plenty of Halloween candy!! That will definitely tide us over in case of serious emergency (there's nothing chocolate and some wine can't fix, right?). 

If you'll be impacted by Sandy, stay safe! I'll keep you posted on things in Boston! 

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