Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wine Crawl Weekend!

This past weekend, we joined our friends Paul and Maggie on a road trip to Rhode Island to go wine tasting.  As we were planning to visit 3 different wineries, we quickly dubbed it the wine crawl! We left Boston and it was cloudy and damp out, and that weather definitely continued as we headed south.

Our first stop: Sakonnet Vineyards

The view as we got out of the car...drab and dreary!

Paul and Maggie are excited!

As are we, of course!

We had the chance to choose 5 or 6 wines from a good-sized list, and I tended to split my choices between whites and reds.  The staff at Sakonnet were excellent, giving us detailed information on each pour of wine that we tried.  Between the three wineries, the staff here were easily the friendliest and most knowledgeable! 

And look at what greeted us after we finished our tasting...clear blue skies and some beautiful fall foliage!

A view of the vineyards

Gratuitous leaf shot

After we finished up at Sakonnet (and bought a few bottles of wine), we headed on to Newport Vineyards.  There are definitely bus tours that run along the Coastal Wine Trail as when we arrived at Newport it was hopping! Luckily a tour was clearing out and we claimed some space at the tasting bar.  Newport had the largest selection of wines and I believe we each tried another 6-7 wines.

One of the most interesting wines I tasted was a rose/pinot noir combination.  I wasn't a huge fan of it, but way to think outside the box with combining different kinds of grapes!

A view of Newport's vineyards.  Really a beautiful day!

And of course, you can't have wine without barrels!

After we wrapped up at Newport and bought some more wine (of course! Let's just say we are all set to host our families at Thanksgiving and we'll have some fab New England vintages!), we headed back up the road to Greenvale Vineyards.  Greenvale had a jazz combo playing during the tasting, and it was a bit more loose than the other wineries.  You had to wait until a staffer came around with each taste of wine and you didn't get a choice in what you tried.  As a result I ended up trying 2 different chardonnays, neither of which I particularly enjoyed!

Enjoying the last of the sun...

As the mist comes back! Complete with a decorative cow! (Not a yak like some other people were discussing...I think they had a little too much to drink...)

What we were tasting

And BAM! Like out of a Stephen King novel, the cold mist returned! Luckily we were wrapping up and we called it a day.

I have to admit, I was surprised at the excellent quality of many of the wines I tasted.  We had a great time and there are easily another 6-8 vineyards on the Coastal Wine Trail for us to still check out! Paul and Maggie were excellent crawl buddies, and we can't wait to do this again soon.

Did you do anything new and exciting this past weekend? Have you ever gone wine tasting?


  1. I love a good wine tasting! It's such a fun activity...love that last picture too!

    we went to a pumpkin patch and did a corn maze in New Jersey with friends. Fall is just an amazing time of year!

  2. Love love vineyards and wineries!!! wine and girlfriends is always a great time